Introducing the “Ultimate Pre keyed Animations & Video Elements Collection” package. This mammoth collection is a huge collection of 1000 super high resolution pre keyed animations and video elements that cover hundreds variety of different themes. These animations are ideal for visual effects and motion graphics development.

All the 1000 pre keyed animations and video elements are format in HD 1920 X 1080 resolution and alpha channel transparent backgrounds. This package is huge and cover hundreds of different varieties of themes. You will find the following themes in this package,

  • Variety of Objects
  • Illustrative elements
  • Abstracts
  • Moving Lines
  • Moving Blocks
  • High energy elements
  • Explosion
  • Particle Effects
  • Fire Effects
  • Ornament
  • Silhouette
  • Natural Items
  • Water
  • Smoke Effects
  • And many more different themes.

The “Ultimate Pre keyed Animations & Video Elements Collection” is one jumbo package that we are so confident that no matter what your project theme is, you will find the right animation for your project.

With alpha channel transparent backgrounds built in for all our animations and video elements, the complications in using these files for your project is erased, you can easily place the element over your existing footage or background without having to worry that the element won’t match over them. With transparent backgrounds, you have more freedom to experiment and save a lot of time while composing your next rich media project.

The joy of mix and match using our animations and video elements to create your next brand new and unique composition is endless. With 1000 ready to use pre keyed animations and video elements, you will have endless supply of animations and video elements for your next project.

Features of the Ultimate Pre Keyed Animations & Video Elements is endless,

  • 1000 Pre Keyed animations and video elements.
  • Wide selection of different categories.
  • High resolution format, 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • All animations are format with alpha channel transparent backgrounds.
  • Endless mix and match possibilities.
  • And many more features.

Specifications & Software Compatibility

Format Details: High Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Video Format: QuickTime plus Alpha Channel transparent backgrounds

Compatible Software: Avid, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere & Elements, Final Cut Studio, After Effects and other QuickTime compatible video editing software.

Pre Keyed Animations & Video Elements Preview

Take a preview below to see the Pre Keyed animations and video elements that are included in this package.

* Please note that due to the size of this package, only some of the animations are listed below for preview purposes.
* The quality and the resolution of the videos below have been scaled down significantly for web viewing.

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Pre Keyed animations don’t come by cheap on the market, expect to pay a price tag of $30 to $100 for just one animation file at the current market. But at, you can get the all the 1000 Pre Keyed Footages and animations for a one low amazing price of $59.95. With extremely affordable and competitive pricing and unbeatable quality combined, our Ultimate Pre Keyed Animations and Video Elements will save you tremendous amount of money and time.

Get all the 1000 Pre Keyed Footages and Animations Now!

Essential Order Notes

* You will have instant access and downloads to all the files after payment is cleared.
* You will receive Royalty free license with all the files, Royalty free license allow you to use the files unlimited of times in any of your project. Please refer to the licensing page for more details about licensing.
* All files are delivered via online download.
* All payments are processed through PayPal and PayPal accept major credit card and debit card payments from most countries in the world.
* All pre keyed footages and animations are well organized into different categories, finding the right footage or animation has never been easy.